Culinary Lavender

Sanctuary Lavender Farm

Our culinary lavender is well known throughout the Kootenays for its deep colour and distinctive flavour! Our culinary lavender is grown naturally, with no chemicals right here on our lavender farm in Wynndel. Only English lavender should be used for edible purposes. Enjoy using it as an addition to baking, in scones, muffins, cookies, shortbread, chocolates, creme brule or as a tea. You can make a simple syrup with it and add it to lattes, sparkling water, cockails or sparkling wine, and you can even add it to savory dishes that call for herbs de provence, meat rubs and pastas. Get inspired online with lots of recipes using lavender. A little goes a long way so this will last you a long time


The process of preparing culinary lavender buds begins with harvesting the lavender by hand, being hung to dry, then cleaned in a 3 part process by hand. We remove all stems and flowers, leaving only the buds. Finally it is winnowed with fans to clean any dust or chaff from the buds, leaving what we have been told is the cleanest, most delicious culinary lavender around.

Each jar contains 16 grams and is packaged in a 2oz sealed jar.

Each bag contains 8 grams and is packaged in a sealed bag. 

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