About Us

What's Happening at Sanctuary Lavender


Sanctuary Lavender farm is located in the beautiful Creston Valley, British Columbia.

Thank you for your interest in visiting the farm!

The Sanctuary Lavender farm is currently closed to the public however, all of our products are always available to order through the website. If you plan a visit to the Creston Valley from May - September you can find us at the weekly farmers market where you can surround yourself with the beautiful harvested lavender and all our amazing lavender creations. Upon your visit to Creston you can pop into Modern Alchemy/Public Vinyl on Canyon street where all our Sanctuary Lavender products are featured. You can wander across the street to The Pottery OC to enjoy the beautiful hand made pottery. Afterwards, visit one of the many wineries in town for a tasting: Skimmerhorn, Bailey-Grohman, Red Bird and Wynnwood. Visit Kootenay Meadows dairy to taste their fine cheeses, have a flight of coffee at local roaster Lark Coffee or enjoy a lavender latte at Good Company Coffee. Visit the beautiful flower farm and studio at Brittany's Flower Farm. Perhaps pick some cherries, blueberries or strawberries, and taste some fine liqueur at Wynndel Craft Distillery. End the day with a craft beer at our local Wild North Brewing Co or a delicious entree a Frisky Whisky. It will be a wonderful day full of memories to cherish.


In late July early August we will be harvesting our lavender crop. If you are interested in a work exchange in summer 2023, we may need help with harvesting. Please email us for more information at sanctuarylavenderfarm@gmail.com


Our Sanctuary Lavender Story

Our family consists of a husband and wife team Matt and Chrystal and our three children Greysen, Ashtyn and Nixin. Originally from the “big city” Calgary, our family moved to the Creston Valley in 2018 yearning for a slower life, with greater emphasis on family, health and spending more time outside enjoying the land and all its wonders. While it was an adjustment without family or friends nearby, we quickly settled in to the Kootenay way of life and started growing roots and making connections in our community. This is how Sanctuary Lavender came into our lives. Kevin and Alanna had established Sanctuary lavender which consisted of a farm with over 700 lavender plants and a thriving family run business of lavender products. One beautiful August afternoon our family offered to help our friends Kevin & Alanna harvest their lavender fields. Chrystal fell in love with the Lavender and looking back realizes this harvesting experience paved the way for her future. The afternoon of harvesting led to Chrystal helping with farm workshops and production and helping Kevin & Alanna open up and work at Modern Alchemy/Public Vinyl, a retail store in Creston. Chrystal took over all Sanctuary Lavender product production and when the opportunity arose Chrystal took over full ownership of Sanctuary Lavender and has been immersed in all things lavender since. Chrystal’s passion, creativity and pursuit in the dream of owning her own business has been possible because of Sanctuary Lavender Farm. 

The Lavender fields are a beautiful sanctuary of lavender, bees, tranquillity, calmness and this environment is where Sanctuary Lavender got its name. The Lavender farm has over 700 lavender plants with numerous varieties of lavender. Our lavender is grown using natural practices, no pesticides, herbicides or chemicals and is harvested by hand. Our product line infuses the healing qualities of lavender with the mindfulness of slow living and high quality, well thought out design. Every product is handmade in small batches to ensure the best quality and authenticity and we strive to be mindful, full of integrity, creative, and open hearted in all of our business practices. We use packaging whenever possible that is recycled, recyclable and environmentally friendly.


The Healing Power of Lavender

Often called the "Swiss Army Knife" of healing herbs and aromatherapy, lavender is useful in the treatment of almost any ailment. The therapeutic properties of lavender are:

*calms the nervous system* relaxing and is useful for assisting sleep *helps reduce headaches *is a digestive aid *antiseptic and anti-fungal for minor cuts, burns and infection *is an insect repellant *excellent for all types of skin care *aids in reduction of PMS symptoms *helps heal scars, stretch marks and acne.